HtH Board of Directors

Karin Lavoie
Research Assistant, Centre for Suicide Prevention

Karin’s life has been shaped by careers involving books and music. She understands the world of musicians and ministry and using one’s artistic gifts and talents in a way that draws people to reflect seriously on both matters of the heart and mind and on how their actions become part of the larger story. She cares deeply about how our spirituality is formed in a Christian context. Karin is intrigued by and supportive of the vision of HtH and is honored to put her ‘shoulder to the wheel’ to help HtH realize its vision.

Howard McLean
Business entrepreneur; former CEO of Maxxam Analytics

Howard’s passion is to encourage people in vision. Passionate about good governance, Howard is frequently involved in providing “thought leadership” to businesses, not-for-profit organizations and charities around the world. Howard is an active volunteer and an avid advocate for alleviating poverty. He relates to HtH’s vision to use music for a purpose.

Jack Mortensen
Minister (retired)

For over 44 years Jack worked with teenagers through the ministry of Young Life of Canada serving as Regional Director and Director of Resource Development. Jack was involved in helping to raise the funding for the building a $40 million camp called RockRidge Canyon which is owned and operated by Young Life in Princeton, BC. Jack loves music and young people and is pleased to lend his experience with not for profit work to the ministry of HtH. The aims and goals of HTH fit perfectly with his goals and vision of caring for people in a hurting world through faith inspired music and understanding.

Keith Weaver
Retired Financial Executive

Keith is driven to help organizations become more effective. Until the middle of 2011, Keith was the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for MicroEnsure LLC. Previously, until late 2005 he had been the Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Asia for Manulife Financial, located in Hong Kong, and prior to that was President & CEO of OUB Manulife (Singapore). While comfortable in the arcane world of financial mathematics, he is also good at connecting with people. He has applied these skills and passions to help a number of not for profit organizations at the board level. He is deeply intrigued by and committed to the HtH vision and desires that it make a significant constructive impact in the various communities it is involved with.

Joanne Wiens
Caseworker at Habitat for Humanity

Joanne is passionate about leading well, good governance, vision and strategic thinking. A volunteer choir director at Trinity Mennonite Church, music has always been a part of her life as her father was also a choral director. Joanne believes music brings healing and is a powerful tool.

Sueanne Yee
Concert pianist and teacher

Sueanne was a child prodigy and an international performer retiring from touring at age 17. Her unusual performance journey took her through highs and lows -she has seen the joys of making music as well as the hard side of temptations that go along with fame. Sueanne has a passion for the psychology behind music – using music to communicate, to heal, to connect and to give concerts with a purpose.

Angie Redecopp
Associate Professor of Business & Development Studies, Ambrose University,
former corporate lawyer and International Justice Mission Canada development director

Angie combines her interest and experience in business with her passion for justice and international development through her teaching and other undertakings at Ambrose University. At Ambrose, Angie works with her colleagues to inspire students and others to pursue business and other endeavors with purpose and with a view to the common good. Angie also seeks to be involved in the community through board involvement and other volunteer activities. Angie is very supportive of HtH’s vision to build community, expand worldviews, develop leaders and fight for justice for the oppressed through the medium of music and the arts.