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Get Involved - Fight for Justice!

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." - Edmond Burke

Social justice issues can seem too big to tackle, but we believe God is moving His people to fight for the oppressed and stand up for justice. At HtH, we use the acronym ACT to help us through our journey of learning and empowerment to make a difference in the world. We hope it will help you in your journey too:

A - Awareness

Becoming aware of the injustices in our world is the best first step you can take. Read books, articles, watch movies and videos to learn about the many sides of these issues and what you can do to help. Check out our resources section for a list of recommended resources and organizations.

C - Care

It's one thing to become aware of an issue - it’s quite another to care enough to do something about it. What issue stirs you to action? A great next step is to research organizations addressing that issue. Are there already organizations working to help fight it? Consider volunteering your expertise or donating resources to these organizations.

T - Tell

Once you have become aware and have decided to care, then the next step is to start sharing what you've learned and your passion with others in your sphere of influence. Caring is contagious and the more people you tell about what you've learned, the more people will ACT. Imagine a world where we all are taking action to fight for justice. A world where we all use what we have to change the world to the glory of God.

Partner with HTH

We are stronger when we work together. If you are affiliated with an organization whose mission and vision align with those of HtH, then consider joining forces with us to fight for justice. Please contact us using the Contact Form.



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