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Change The World

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

song lyrics & story

Reid McLean Wiest

We all wanna change the world;

But don't ask me, I don't wanna change me.

What if what is wrong with the world is that I won't change?

What if my change is what the world needs?

Change, to change the world.

STORY: A big part of our mandate in HtH is to fight for justice. A big assumption is that justice actually needs to be fought for. We all are aware that this world is not always just; we all know, at some level, that this world is not always as it should be. But what if the problem in the world is me? What if I am the problem?

C.S. Lewis wrote that we all are aware of the Moral Law, and at the same time, we constantly live in violation of that law. When the U.K. paper “The Times” asked authors to respond to the question “What is wrong with the world?”, G.K. Chesterton famously wrote his reply to the editor: “Dear Sir … I am.” Stephen Covey wrote “If you think that the problem is ‘out there’, that thought is the problem”. Before I can hope to change the world, I have to examine and address my part in contributing to injustice in the world. This has proven to be an ongoing lesson in the HtH journey.

Circle songs are a simple, repetitive form where there is a basic groove established, and singers take turns improvising parts. Usually they are wordless; they don’t have actual ‘lyrics’. This composition is somewhere between a true circle song and a round. - Reid



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