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It's All Good

song lyrics & story

by Reid McLean Wiest


life is unfair

and I know you're hurting

seems no one cares

and you feel deserted, but

don't despair

there is hope around the corner

and it won't be long til you're gonna say


it's all good

it's okay

who knows? it might just turn out to be

much better this way

it's all good

and you don't have to worry

'cause He's got you in the palm of His hand

it's all good


life is no fun

when the storms are crashing

you feel undone

as the waves keep splashing

just hold on

'cause this too is passing

and the sun will shine soon some day


because we know

we're not alone

our God is still seated on the throne

He's working in all things

for the good of those who love Him


life is so short

and it's full of pain

seems like you're aboard

a runaway train, but

remember the Lord

He loves you just the same

and He's still in control today


One of the expressions I commonly use is “It’s all good”. It’s a little bit like ‘no worries’, or ‘don’t worry, be happy’. Usually I’ll say it when someone is apologizing to me for causing me some small inconvenience. However, there are certainly times when things are not ‘all good’. What could possibly be ‘all good’ about millions of refugees, people in extreme poverty, or children who are exploited, abused, orphaned? And sometimes when I’m anxious, depressed, discouraged, and full of self-pity, I lose sight of things being ‘all good’.

And there is the whole topic of suffering; I’m amazed that at the same time, it can be unpleasant and painful and at the same time, it can be good. Pain gives us warning that there is a problem that needs addressing; how short would life be if we didn’t feel pain. Suffering sucks in the moment, but it is essential to becoming more like Jesus, since He was no stranger to suffering. In fact, His suffering achieved the greatest good for us all - and that’s why we call it ‘good news’!

So the expression ‘it’s all good’, rather than being a flippant statement that turns a blind eye to real evil and suffering, can be a statement that acknowledges the truth and points to our hope in all situations. - Reid

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28


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