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Growing HtH One ‘Block’ at a Time

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

HtH has been given a unique vision and mission that make it unlike any other choir in the city. The leadership team of HtH believes that God has called HtH to multiply, and they want to be faithful to that call. As a result, HtH is launching something new this year - Block weeks!

Block weeks provide the opportunity for older individuals to be part of HtH for ‘mini seasons’, without committing to the full year (although that is still definitely a great option too). Over the past 10 years it has become evident that there were some natural rhythms that took place over the course of one year-long season of HtH. The block weeks are created to follow these natural rhythms, each with a different focus that connects with the mission of HtH (build community, expand worldviews, develop leaders, impact culture, and fight for justice). As a result, some blocks have a stronger focus on performance, while others have a stronger focus on learning or on service. Participants can either choose to join the block weeks that fit best into their schedule, or choose a focus that excites them most (or a bit of both).

A helpful way to think about block weeks is to consider it like taking a course - many people are able to commit to something that is shorter term, such as a 10-week art course, with a clear start and end date. The block week can be seen as a sort of intensive time of learning and relationship building. While they each have a different focus, the shorter blocks still include the core features that members of HtH have grown to love: gathering, singing, eating, learning, serving, performing and praying. The hope is that alumni and newcomers alike will be able to join together in community, whether it is for one or all the blocks. So why not try HtH for a session and see what you think? Why not invite a friend to join you?

This year there are 7 Block weeks, and the first 3 blocks have already happened! Whether you do one block or the full year, fees this year remains the same: $165. This fee covers the participation fee AND supplies. It does not include any weekend trips (e.g. Pioneer Lodge in November or a trip to Grande Prairie in the spring). Fee payment will be due the second week of each block.

Here are some of the key dates and information for upcoming Block weeks in the 2019/20 season of HtH:

Block #4: 10 sessions (Oct 15 – Dec 17). This block has a “Build Community” focus. It will include a Fall Workshop Weekend, and provide opportunities for HtH members to network together and prepare for Christmas performances and outreach. This is a great block for Newcomers to join! Curriculum focus will be two books: Humilitas by John Dickson and In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen. The Christmas Event will be include dinner and occur on December 13th.

Block #5: 7 sessions (Jan 14 – Feb 26). This block has an “Expand Worldviews” focus. It will look more closely at the injustice of sexual exploitation to prepare and equip our community for the “Seek Justice Summit” in March. Curriculum will include a video series from the Joy Smith Foundation on sex trafficking in Canada. During this block, there will also be a Learning & Serving team to India.

Block #6: 10 sessions (March 3 – April 28). This block has an “Impact Culture” focus. It will center on the theme of “being voices for the voiceless”. Seek Justice Summit will occur in this block.  This block will culminate in the Spring Production on April 24th or 25th.

Block #7: 4 sessions (May 05 – June 01). This block has a “Fight for Justice” focus, specifically in the areas of outreach and leadership development. The details of this block are still being confirmed so stay tuned!

As an alumnus of HtH, the concept of block weeks is an exciting one! I am a prime example of one of the participants described in this article. I joined HtH in 2012, took a year off after the birth of my second child in 2016, and then was able to return for a year and half before having my third child in January 2019. While I am still unsure if I will be able to return for Block #4 or 5 due to schedule conflicts, I don’t feel that my time being part of HtH is meant to be over. Block weeks make the possibility of returning much more likely for me. I’m actually feeling very intrigued by Block #6… If you decide to come try a block I might see you there!

Vicki Wik



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